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mick case study

Mick's Story

One of our most positive clients, Mick (58) has been working with Harry on improving his upper body strength and, as a result, confidence in navigating daily life in his chair. While managing life with T7 paraplegia as a result of a roof accident several years ago, Mick is now part of our crew training for the Bridge to Brisbane—but it's not his first attempt.

"I registered to do the Bridge to Brisbane a few years back intending to do the 10km course, however, it was pouring down on the morning and I can’t control my chair if the push rims and my hands are wet, which effectively renders me a 100kg bowling ball…" he says.
"Being a part of the Be Physiology team has motivated me to do the Bridge to Brisbane this time around—I just hope it's not raining again!"
Mick's program with Harry is focused on improving his core strength, keeping him fit and active, and also improving his mobility so he has physical independence.
"One of the exercises we have worked on is attempting to get back into my chair after a fall; this is extremely important to me as, like most people, I don’t want to have to rely on others," Mick says. "I have already been able to get back into my chair from the floor on my own recently after I fell forwards from my chair, and I think without the training from Harry I would have ended up calling out for neighbours or, as a last resort, calling 000."
Mick enjoys an active life, regularly pushing around the city and (when he's travelled in the past) sightseeing by chair, so the 4.5km Bridge to Brisbane course should be an easy feat. He's also part of a disabled trikers club, and finds the group mentality helpful in terms of both confidence and motivation: "I probably wouldn't be getting out much [without the club] because if you break down or can’t get up a hill you don’t have the option to get out and push. The club mechanic has been a massive help in sorting out issues and customising the bike to suit me, and once I've made plans to go for a ride I don’t want to let anyone down, so it's a good encouragement to make it happen."
While Mick's in great shape for the Bridge to Brisbane (he regularly does 20km rides with the club, after all!), he says, "Completing any sort of course or extended exercise always boosts your confidence and spurs you on to do more, which only helps with keeping fit and losing weight—which isn’t easy when you’re in a wheelchair."
Bridge to Brisbane with Be Physiology

Gabby's Story

After suffering a stroke seven years ago, Gabby, 52, is enjoying incredible progress and looking forward to significant rehabilitation milestones thanks to the support of Be Physiology's Harry and Keegan.

Gabby's ischemic stroke impacted her strength and mobility (particularly on her left side), resulting in her losing sensory function and over 40 kilos of muscle mass, and needing to use a wheelchair for basic daily tasks—a stark contrast to the active lifestyle she had previously enjoyed which included regular swimming (as much as she could fit in around raising four kids!).
After feeling dejected and lost following unguided experiences in the gym, Gabby approached Harry as she was ready to explore a more convenient at-home treatment option due to changing travel arrangements and COVID.
In only six months of treatment, Gabby is enjoying vast improvements to her mobility and quality of life as a result of her tailored program, which has been delivered at home and in a nearby park.
Improvements to date include Gabby's balance when standing and walking, a big increase in global strength (especially in the left leg that was impacted by her stroke) and her endurance when undertaking prolonged exercise and physical activity. Gabby is taking longer and more efficient steps, and she's able to undertake more active and involved daily activities.
Be Physiology's mobile service has been an ideal fit for Gabby, who needed to develop confidence in the early phase of her program before learning safe, self-guided ways of improving strength and mobility. While she admits her prescribed exercises were a challenge at first, the in-home program Harry designed included printed assets and photos so Gabby can continually self-check, and communicate her exercises with affiliated medical services.
After having been told that she might only ever walk small distances within the home, Gabby's can-do attitude and hard work now see her taking the dog for a walk, sleeping better, and surprising herself by walking that extra hundred metres every few weeks. She's even working towards walking the 4.5-kilometre Bridge to Brisbane in November—a goal that she previously considered "impossible".
With increased confidence, a positive mindset shift and the confidence to safely re-enter the community, Gabby is a testament to exercise physiology's power to improve the overall quality of an individual's life.
Charles & his story of surviving a spinal cord injury

Charles's Story

In 2015, I was in an unfortunate equestrian accident, which I refer to as my unscheduled dismount from my horse. I suffered a complete T3 spinal cord injury and have been a paraplegic for five years. Due to the injury, I could only exercise voluntary control of the muscles above the T3 or chest level, and am in a wheelchair.

About two years after my accident, I was on a journey to discover what was physically possible for someone with my type of injury and began working with exercise physiologist Harry White in early 2017.
I saw Harry once or twice a week for around two years while completing an exercise plan of one-on-one training sessions with Harry and independent gym visits for general health. The weekly exercise physiologist-led sessions consisted of one-on-one resistance and cardiovascular sessions and neurological rehabilitation and skill-acquisition training.
The neurological rehabilitation and skill-acquisition training is where I saw the most improvements as Harry tailored our sessions around completing a specific goal – the floor-to-chair transfer.
It took around six months to learn this particular motor skill and while I am somewhat amazed I can now complete a floor-to-chair transfer, what is more important is what this skill has allowed me to do. I can now get on and off a recumbent bicycle, which means I can enjoy long bike rides and cardio training on my own, and get on and off the floor at the gym for a post-workout stretch.
Mastering this motor skill has given me an enhanced quality of life in interpersonal aspects, too. I can also get down on the floor to interact and play with my grandchild, and I’m also able to visit the beach and sit on the sand with my wife, which is something I enjoy immensely.
With Harry’s motivation, tireless persistence, effort and knowledge, he has been able to train me to achieve a level of functionality I could only dream of attaining. In fact, my doctor told me these specific motor skill outcomes would never be possible.
After training with Harry for two years, I now feel comfortable and confident to attend my local gym and use the skills I obtained from the exercise physiology plan in my everyday life.
Working with an exercise physiologist like Harry is so much more than exercise, it’s an opportunity to live an improved life.
Paul Case study

Paul's Story

The definition of a trooper, Paul's past lifestyle of little physical activity, poor diet and nutrition (leading to a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis), and a lack of awareness of cardiovascular disease or its possible effects led to a cardiac arrest and subsequent hypoxic brain injury.

With two stents in place, Paul is now working hard on improving his strength, balance and fitness with three weekly exercise physiology sessions—and sometimes, we can't pull him off the treadmill!
Describing his sessions as "physically challenging, but appropriate and achievable", Paul is a master of setting goals and smashing them—he's even been heard asking Aj to let him leg press more!
His signature what-doesn't-kill-me attitude has seen him improve leaps and bounds in tackling daily activities thanks to his sessions (which he describes as a love/hate relationship) blending cardiovascular and strength- and balance-based exercises.
A great example of the power of putting in the hard work, Paul's seeing improvements beyond his physical health including to his mood, his lifestyle (thanks to increased ability) and independence—we can't wait to see Paul achieve future milestones!
Dean's case study

Dean's Story

Previously a fit and healthy guy, Dean suffered a brain injury in 2019, requiring time spent in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit in 2020.

As part of Dean's recovery (which was a tough process on him personally and his family), Dean was referred to Be Physiology, with Aj meeting him and his wife Bethan at home to discuss the injury, his strengths and weaknesses, and overall goals.
Dean's at-home rehab program was physically challenging, providing opportunities for him to really be honest with himself about the brain injury and the impact it had on his life and, ultimately, Dean's sessions with Aj became as much of a support for his physical needs but also for his mental health journey in processing the injury.
Bethan observed the importance of a strong client/physiologist relationship, reflecting that Aj and Dean's strong rapport "is so important to his recovery, as I have witnessed other therapists that don't do this, and it impacts Dean's recovery."
Now, with a drive to lead a healthier lifestyle (he's even set up a home gym to independently work on his exercises!), Dean is happier and more engaged with life and accepting of the long-term challenges of living with his brain injury.
"Dean is now also involved a lot with our active family lifestyle which is wonderful, and Be Physiology has supported our family to be involved with Dean's recovery," says Bethan.
"[Dean's program] has turned our life into a strong positive which is wonderful. Thank you, Aj, you are a true legend."
Daelle case study

Daelle's Story

One of our bubbliest clients, Daelle has cerebral palsy and pachygyria, epilepsy, and intellectual disabilities that mean she doesn’t communicate with words—but everyone knows when she is happy, which is most of the time!

Daelle uses a wheelchair and struggles with standing independently, so she needs assistance with all mobility and daily activities. Because of these constraints, a physiologist like Harry (who's specialised in complex disabilities) is crucial to making Daelle and her carers' lives a little bit safer and easier, especially around physical transfers.
After meeting a few years ago, Daelle now loves working with Harry in one-on-one weekly sessions focused on sitting to standing, improving the ease and range of motion, standing independently and taking a few steps, as well as hydrotherapy sessions in the warmer months, which are her favourite!
For Daelle's incredible carers, Katie and Emma (@Mentalhell_with_Katienell and @EmmaKevert), her sessions with Harry are a highlight of the week.
"I was so surprised to see how much more Daelle moved and worked," says Katie. "Harry makes her work hard and she loves it! I always look forward to Daelle’s weekly sessions, to see how much she is progressing and her huge smile when she sees Harry!"
Both carers also speak to the special relationship that Harry has developed with Daelle: "[She] started working with Harry long before BE Physiology even began, and now they have such a lovely bond together," says Emma. Daelle has even given Harry a special nickname: Boy!
As well as supporting her through daily activities and physical therapy, the girls have recently launched a micro-enterprise, giving Daelle a platform to share her beautiful artwork on hand-painted pot plants available at local markets or online (check them out @SnaelleGarden).
Trent Brock | Mobile Exercise Physiologist

Trent Brock

mobile exercise physiologist
I have had 3 major passions throughout my life; exercise, competitive sports, and a strong will to help others. Those 3 factors made it an easy decision to pursue a career as an exercise physiologist. By encouraging and facilitating evidence-based exercise rehabilitation, I can help individuals living with various chronic conditions, particularly those living with neurological conditions.
I see exercise physiology as an extremely beneficial practice that enables clients to experience an improved quality of life. Personally, being able to provide insight into exercise and other tools that can equip clients with helpful skills and wellbeing improvements is extremely fulfilling. Being able to improve not only an individual, but their support network’s day-to-day life fills me with great joy and motivates me to continue to be better so that I can do better. I understand that everyone has a different view of exercise and there is no one-size fits all approach, so I operate with an open and adaptive mind, supported by evidence-based practices. If you or anyone that you know is looking to improve their quality of life and begin a journey to improved living, or just have any general questions, get in touch and let's have a chat!
Michelle Marais AEP

Michelle Marais

mobile exercise physiologist
My passion for movement, health, and helping others led me to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Through this role, I facilitate exercise-based rehabilitation for individuals with various chronic conditions, with a primary interest and area of expertise in neurological conditions.
To me, exercise physiology is about equipping clients with valuable skills that make daily tasks easier and empowering them to achieve their goals while enjoying the process.I take great pride in being a part of my clients' rehabilitation journey and exploring new methods with them to find the optimal exercise approach that works best for them.If you have any questions or are interested in starting your journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle, please feel free to reach out to me.
Angus Sullivan AEP

Angus Sullivan AEP

Mobile Exercise Physiologist
As an accredited exercise physiologist, I see my role as an opportunity to facilitate a safe and effective environment for my clients to explore their physical capabilities, identify areas where they would like to improve, and then prescribe meaningful and appropriate activities to achieve these improvements.
I currently work predominantly with individuals living with disability and have a keen interest in acquired brain injuries (ABI), traumatic brain injuries (TBI), cerebral palsy (CP), spinal cord injuries (SCI) and rare neurological conditions.
To me, exercise physiology is not only about achieving narrow objective goals (eg. 1 Rep Max bench press), but improving an individual’s lifestyle and making activities of daily living easier (mobilising, transferring, feeding, and more).
I love what I do and enjoy learning new methods and discussing different opinions about exercise. I am always happy to chat about it so please get in contact if you have any questions or knowledge that you wish to share!
Our team of mobile exercise physiologists

Walter White

manager of good vibes
Being active has taken on a whole new meaning and I am 100% here for it. I like to fink I'm pretty active, and I keep up de vibes during team meetings - just making sure everyone's hands are always moving (across my butt) because I know dat any exercise is good exercise.
I keep close to everyone, real close, just to keep dem on their toes when dey walk by too.
Fings are always better when I am der so if you need some good vibes, I will be der for you.
Brb just going to have a snooze.
Love and licks,
Brittney Kenward

Brittney Kenward

co-founder / Operations manager
I’m NOT an exercise physiologist, but I do take my hat off to my team and get to admire the work they do each and every day. Be Physiology means that we’re able to apply our passion, and our experience, to make exercise physiology more accessible to the people who need it the most.
You might hear the team describe me as ‘the person who does everything else’, and that can be translated to ‘marketing and operations'. My background is marketing and business, which I’ve lived and breathed since 2011. I’ve worked in both the agency and corporate spaces, across many industries, with many amazing people and now with Be Physiology, I get to explore the health industry further and continue to meet the most incredible people who are the ones to define motivation.
If you’ve met Harry and Aj, you’d know that they don’t really need marketing - they’re genuine, have ridiculous amounts of charisma, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about helping people to be a better version of themselves. But, sometimes getting an introduction is the hardest part and that’s where I come in.
If you want to chat, a coffee, a laugh, I’m always here to make one or all of them happen.

So call me and let’s keep sharing the love!
Keegan Betts AEP

Keegan Betts AEP

mobile exercise physiologist
As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, my work is driven by my passion for movement, health, and empowering others. With my experience working with individuals of all ages who have neurological conditions such as autism, stroke, and cerebral palsy, I focus on delivering activity-based therapy to optimise their independence.
Seeing people empowered and handling daily tasks easier is incredibly rewarding, as well as being able to give others the tools to improve their mental health and prevent secondary health conditions.
I know the importance of creating a welcoming and safe environment particularly when improving our health and I always strive to ensure everybody feels supported by the team around them and receives the highest level of care.
Get in touch today and let's make it happen.
Kristen McCluskey

Kristen McCluskey

Mobile Exercise Physiologist
If you spend as little as 10 minutes a day exercising, it will still make a huge difference to your overall physical and mental health - this is a fact and it is very often underappreciated! The benefits of exercise don’t discriminate and the rumours are true, exercise is medicine.
Spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions and women’s health are areas I find to be very dynamic and that I am particularly passionate about, but all aspects of exercise physiology are unique and have a significant impact on people’s everyday lives and I want to continue bringing it to those who will benefit the most from it.
I'm passionate about learning new methods and learning what my clients enjoy and how they approach exercise. I am always happy to chat about the many benefits and outcomes of exercise physiology so please get in contact if you have any questions or knowledge that you wish to share.
If you’re interested in learning more about who I am or want to ask any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at .
Charlotte Gill

Charlotte Gill

marketing assistant
My name is Charlotte, and I'm a sports enthusiast currently studying for a marketing degree. Although I am not an exercise physiologist, I have a passion for sports having a background in ski instructing and adaptive skiing. Like the team, I believe exercise is medicine and share a similar passion and values to help and motivate others I meet.
I've been fortunate enough to work globally with a background in event management, ski instructing, administrating, and climbing supervisor. However, working alongside the Be Physiology team as my dream role in marketing is a highlight. If you have had the pleasure of meeting the team, you will know their genuine, funny, knowledgeable, and passionate to help others. These are values that I also pride myself in, and I am so fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded colleagues.
Harry White AEP

Harry White AEP

co-founder / supervisor
Exercise physiology combines two of my favourite things: health and helping people. As an accredited exercise physiologist with more than seven years’ clinical experience, I have treated people presenting with a wide variety of health conditions and concerns, postural issues, chronic injuries and rehabilitation needs.
My expertise is spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders and helping my clients to achieve an improved quality of life through rehabilitation and functional training. Rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders can be slow but incredibly rewarding for clients when results are achieved, no matter how small. Assisting people through learning useful skills and functional training is the most important role that an EP can play to help people lead a more fulfilled life.
Working for many years with people who have suffered serious injury or live with a disability, I know that taking a proactive approach to your health changes your life. If you care for your body, it will take care of you.
I’m passionate about helping people live a long, healthy and active life, so call today.