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Movement is our medicine
An exercise physiologist is an allied health professional, who uses exercise as medicine to treat chronic health conditions such as stroke or spinal cord injury.
To put it simply, if you need help on gaining or improving your ability to stand for long enough at the kitchen bench to prepare meals after a car accident, then we can provide the exercise prescription that benefit the neurological and musculo-skeletal systems to make this a reality.
We are here to help people realise the positive power of movement and exercise has over your quality of life and to ultimately change their unhealthy behaviours.

Specialist exercise physiologists

We work with you to reach and go beyond your functional goals, in an environment that works best for you
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Strategic programming and dedication to rehabilitation have been proven to increase everyday independence.
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Exercise can prevent or delay neuro-degenerative symptoms.
The BEP Parley 1
Exercise can prevent or delay neuro-degenerative symptoms.

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